Podcast – Holiday Gift Ideas for Pets and Their People-2019 – 30NOV19

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In this episode of The Woof Meow Show from November 30th, 2019, Kate and Don offer suggestions on things you can give your pet and yourself that they believe will greatly benefit the relationship between the two of you. They are not promoting products, nor are they discussing things that you need to purchase. Don and Kate’s suggestions include several gift ideas that you can use throughout the year during your pet’s life. Tune in and learn how these simple concepts can nurture your relationship with your furry companion. Specifically, they discuss the gifts of patience, knowledge, focusing on behavior we like, and giving our pets an opportunity to have a choice when it comes to giving their consent.

There is a companion piece to this podcast on Don’s blog, based on his December Words, Woofs, and Meows column in the Downeast Dog News. You can read that at  http://bit.ly/WWM-HolidayGifts2019

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Shared Blog Post – the misunderstanding of time by Nancy Tanner

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patience-it-is-very-important-800x800Patience. It is one of the first things that I address with students in my training classes and clients that I see for behavioral consultations. Sadly patience is often lacking in almost all aspects of modern life. We have become a society expecting instant gratification of all our needs as evidenced by fast-food drive-thru windows and texting and FaceBook messaging from our smart phones. Unfortunately, instant gratification does not usually happen when building a relationship and when learning or teaching, especially with another species.

I recently read a blog post by dog trainer Nancy Trainer titled the misunderstanding of time. In her post, she brilliant describes the need for patience. I have included her introductory and closing paragraphs below and encourage you to click on the link and read the entire post. You and your pets will be better for it.

  “When I am asked what is the biggest problem I see in dog training today, it is the same problem I saw fourteen years ago, and thirty years ago, it is the misunderstanding of time…

…My advice to new dog owners, seasoned dog owners, and want to be dog owners – learn how to settle in, learn that nothing will happen overnight. Learn that if you try to take short cuts and try to make it all happen to fit your schedule, or your desires, or your needs, it will come back to bite you in the ass, figuratively or literally.”

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