Client Appreciation Days

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Please join us on Saturday, October 5th thru Saturday, October 12th as we celebrate our 23rd annual Client Appreciation Days. We know that you have many choices when you choose a pet care business and we appreciate that you have continued to vote us the Best Kennel, Pet Store, Dog Trainer and Pet Groomer in the greater Bangor region, so we invite you to join us as we show our gratitude!  At the same time, we will recognize Don and Paula’s 24th anniversary as the owners of Green Acres Kennel Shop.

Green Acres Kennel Shop will be offering a variety of sale prices on pet food and products during the course of our Client Appreciation Days. By liking and following our FaceBook page, you will know what is happening when. Look for us at

Pet Food Companies – What You Need to Know – What They’re Not Telling You – SAT. Oct. 5th at 10 AM. – The Woof Meows Show’s co-host, Kate Dutra will be discussing the pet food industries lack of transparency while teaching you what you need to ask when evaluating what you feed your precious pets. Sadly, some pet food companies tend to make it hard to get detailed and factual information about their products and often use words and images on packaging and advertising that can easily mislead you. Kate will show you how to be an informed consumer. Tickets are FREE but seating is limited. You may pre-register and guarantee a spot at

Cats! – Not the Musical!SAT. Oct. 5th at 1 PM – In his presentation Cats – *NOT* The Musical, Don Hanson, an associate certified cat behavior consultant (ACCBC) will discuss the natural history of the “domestic” cat. Don will explain how cats use their body to communicate their intent and emotional state. He will also address feline behaviors, including those that we do not always appreciate, such as predation, litterbox issues, territory marking, and spraying. Don will discuss kitten socialization and habituation so that kittens can have the best chance at becoming the best companions they can be. Lastly, Don will provide tips on making trips to the veterinarian more pleasant and meeting your cat’s nutritional needs. Depending on questions, Cats – *NOT* The Musical, is approximately a 60 to 90-minute presentation.

Ask the Experts – SAT. Oct. 12th at 1 PM to 4 PM– Green Acres’ behavior, grooming, nutrition, and training experts will be on hand to answer your questions.

SAT. Oct. 12th at 10 AM

If you and your dog are a graduate of Green Acres’ Basic Manners class or if you like to watch people and their dogs having fun, you will not want to miss our first Puppy Olympics Invitational. Ashley Charpentier, one of our dog training instructors, has devised a series of games designed to let dogs and their people show off their skills while having a tail-waggin’ good time!

Dog and handler teams will be competing in several categories to determine; fastest recall, longest walk on a loose leash, most extended stay, most puppy push-ups, and more. The 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place winners will win points for every event. Participants can enter in as many or as few activities as they would like, although by participating in all the games they have a better chance of winning some excellent prizes.

  • Most Points Earned – A $60 gift card good for services or products at Green Acres Kennel Shop.
  • 2nd Most Points Earned – A $40 gift card good for services or products at Green Acres Kennel Shop.
  • 3rd Most Points Earned – A $25 gift card good for services or products at Green Acres Kennel Shop.

Drawing Prizes – We will have a drawing box in the store from the time we open on October 5th until closing time on October 12th. You may enter the drawing anytime you are in the store, no purchase is necessary. On Monday the 14th, we will randomly draw three lucky winners. The first winner will have their choice of the following, the second will be able to choose between the two remaining prizes, and the third will get whatever remains.

  • Four gift vouchers, one for NOV 2019, DEC 2019, JAN 2020, and FEB 2019, each worth up to $25 towards a single bag/box (dry/freeze-dried/frozen pet food) or a single case of canned/pouched pet food. (Total Value up to $100).
  • A gift voucher good for three consecutive nights of boarding for a single pet before 7/1/20 (Value up to $90). Reservation required, and pet must be current on applicable vaccinations and of appropriate temperament.
  • A gift voucher good for a complete one-time grooming for a single pet before 7/1/20 (Value up to $60). Appointment required and pet must be current on applicable vaccinations and of appropriate temperament.

Staff will be providing free nail trims for dogs and cats on Saturday, Oct 5th and Oct 12th from 10 AM until 2 PM. If your pet has not had their nails trimmed at Green Acres recently, you will need to bring a copy of their Rabies certificate or an invoice from your veterinarian that indicates your pet is current on their Rabies vaccination.

If you have not met our new Operations Manager, Nicole Crocker or our new Certified Pet Groomer, Caitlin Christie, stopping by on the 5th or 12th is the perfect opportunity to do so. Both will be on hand to say “Hi!” answer your questions and to meet your pets.