Shared Blog Post – Human Foods Dogs Can & Can’t Eat by Dr. Karen Becker

< Updated 22SEP22 >

Knowing what “human foods” you can safely feed your dog can be confusing. Unfortunately, the internet and even pet care professionals, who should know better, often give contradictory and confusing advice. Sadly, that advice is often only supported by myths and not research studies based on science. Even sadder is that we deprive our dogs of some healthy, natural sources of vital micronutrients.

On September 21st, 2022, veterinarian Dr. Karen Becker posted an infographic on Facebook, adding clarity to this topic. Thank you, Dr. Becker!

You can view, print, or download a PDF of Dr. Becker’s infographic and her comments at this link –Human Foods Dogs Can & Cant Eat-Dr Karen Becker

Dr. Karen Becker on Facebook