Shared Blog Post – Veterinary Medicine, Incorporated from Dr. Nancy Kay

Veterinary Medicine, Incorporated – In this blog post from March 27th, Dr. Nancy Kay discusses the pros and cons of the corporatization of veterinary medicine.

A serious drawback was described like this “Having nonveterinarians call the shots can be worrisome in terms of the best interest of the patients. Banfield Pet Hospital and VCA have both been criticized for tying the hands of their veterinarians, requiring that they follow strict medical protocols rather than making decisions based on the needs of individual patients and clients. In fact, a recent Bloomberg Businessweek article featured a veterinarian accusing Banfield of pushing its employees to prioritize profit over the health and safety of the animals they are treating.”

How do you feel about this as a consumer? If you dislike it, now is the time to say something.

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