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In addition to being great companions, dogs do some amazing things. In this 30-minute film from HuntingME, LAST TRACK – Finding closure through dog tracking, you will see “dog trackers Lindsay and Susanne as they help hunters of all ages track mortally wounded large animals across the great state of Maine. Their dogs Fritzi, Meggie and Aldo can track wounded game in a way that no human every could, combine that with the wealth of knowledge that Lindsay and Susanne have after over 2000 combined tracks and every hunter no matter their skill level can learn something from this film.”

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One of the dog trackers in the film is Lindsay Ware, a part-time, Lead Dog Training Instructor for and Green Acres Kennel Shop and the founder of  Science Dogs of New England. Great job, Lindsay!

Contact Info for Lindsay Ware

United Blood Trackers 

Lindsay’s UBT Profile

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