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If you are a regular listener to The Woof Meow Show, you know that Kate and I are passionate about pet nutrition. Based on our experience with our pets and helping Green Acres Kennel Shop’s clients, we have learned that fresh, wholesome, nutritious food is fundamental to optimal physical, mental, and emotional health. We chose to feed our pets in a manner that will allow them to thrive, not merely survive. However, our knowledge and experience are minimal compared to animal nutritionist, Dr. Richard Patton, our guest on the following two episodes of The Woof Meow Show.

Dr. Patton has spent more than 40 years as an animal nutritionist, working in 25 countries and formulating diets for a wide variety of captive wild animals and those we keep in our homes, such as cats and dogs. Based in New Mexico, Dr. Patton has consulted for agriculture enterprises, zoos, foreign governments, Fortune 500 companies, local and regional feed mills, and pet food companies. An adjunct professor at Penn State for 15 years, he has 25 scientific publications, two patents, and numerous popular press articles. His book, “Ruined by Excess, Perfected by Lack,” is one of my favorites on the topic of pet nutrition. We hope that you will find these two podcasts as informative as we did.

ENCORE-Pet Nutrition with Dr. Richard Patton, First Air Date: 02APR16 < Click to listen >

An Update on Pet Nutrition & Pet Food with Animal Nutritionist Dr. Richard Patton, First Air Date: 10APR21 < Click to listen >

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