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This post by Jenny Efimova from The Happy Dog Blog discusses how the author, an advocate for trauma survivors of domestic and sexual violence learned that the same principals she used with people, “meeting them where they are” are every bit as important when working with her new dog. These two paragraph say it all, but please read the entire article.

The power imbalance in our relationship with our dogs is vast. We control every solitary aspect and resource in their lives. Conventional dog training reinforces this imbalance and encourages us to use power and control as the model of how we relate to our dogs. But just because things have always been this way, doesn’t mean they have to be.”

Just because I could have made Larkin do what I wanted him to, doesn’t mean I should have. Just because we can force someone into compliance, doesn’t make it right. Force, fear, and coercion are not values consistent with any healthy relationship, be it with our friends, family, significant others, children, or animals.”

Having read Efimova’s post on Thanksgiving Day, I must add that I am very thankful that more and more trainers are abandoning training based on pain, force, and fear all of the time. Thank you, Jenny, for sharing your wisdom and helping to spread the word.

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