Shared Blog Post – Behavioral Euthanasia: Making the Hard Decision

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Considering whether or not euthanasia is appropriate for a pet is never easy. However, it can be even more complicated when behavioral considerations are a primary factor in the process. Dr. Christine Calder, a veterinary behaviorist, recently addressed this topic in an article entitled Behavioral Euthanasia: Making the Hard Decision in the May 2022 edition of Downeast Dog News. If you face a decision of this nature, I encourage you to read the article, as Dr. Calder offers very sound advice and potential alternatives.


Podcast – The Woof Meow Show: The documentary film Dogs, Cats and Scapegoats with Producer and Director, Hugh Dorigo

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In this episode of The Woof Meow Show from September 23rd, 2017, Kate and Don talk with Hugh Dorigo about his new film Dogs, Cats, and Scapegoats. The film looks at shelters, rescues, breeders, laws and regulations, and training and behavior methodologies and examines how they are helping or not helping cats and dogs. A wide range of experts are interviewed in the film, and it clearly will give any pet lover much to consider. If you care about pets, you will want to watch this film. You can do so, online, at no charge, here –

You can hear The Woof Meow Show on The Pulse AM620, WZON, and WKIT HD3 at 9 AM on Saturday. If you are not near a radio, listen on your computer at or your smartphone or tablet with the free WZON 620 AM app. A podcast of the show is typically posted immediately after the show and can be downloaded at and the Apple iTunes store.

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Coping with the Loss of a Pet

Dealing with the loss of a pet is never easy. Tikken, my Golden Retriever, passed in February of 2013, and over four years later I still have moments when I talk about her, and  I need to stop because the loss still hurts. I know that I am not alone.

I recently had a friend lose her dog, and she contacted me to asked if I know of any pet loss support groups. A week later I finished reading a book on canine cognitive dysfunction that listed several online resources to help people when they lose a pet. I have posted those resources here and will add to this list whenever I find other such resources.

Grief Resources

Argus Institute Counseling and Support Services (Colorado State University) –

Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement –

Lightning Strike Pet Loss Support –


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Shared Blog Post – Treat or euthanize? Helping owners make critical decisions regarding pets with behavior problems

In this article from dvm360, Dr. Lore I. Haug, DVM, MS, DACVB, a veterinary behaviorist discusses factors to consider when evaluating a pet with behavioral issues. While written for veterinary and animal behavior professionals, I believe it will also be helpful to people with pets with behavioral issues. You can read the entire article at


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