Podcast – Holistic and Complementary Wellness for Pets – Bach Flower Remedies with Don Hanson

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15oct16-bach-flower-remedies-don-hanson-400x400Kate takes over the hosting duties for this show as she interviews Don about his experiences as a Bach Foundation Registered Animal Practitioner. They talk about the Bach Flower Remedies, including Bach Rescue Remedy, discuss how the remedies are used, and how Don became interested in their use with animals. Kate asks Don about his training as a practitioner and the pets he has helped. They wrap things up with a discussion of which remedies Don believes would be useful in the home of any pet lover.

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Podcast – Introducing The Woof Meow Show with Kate Dutra and Don Hanson

6FEB16-Introducing the Woof Meow Show 400x400In the show’s premiere on The Pulse AM620, Kate and Don introduce themselves and discuss the pets that have been part of their lives, how they ended up in the pet care services industry, and how their philosophy of pet care has changed in the past twenty plus years. Both also share some stories about their pets and client pets they have known. They wrap up the show by discussing the history of The Woof Meow Show, some of the topics they have covered in the past eleven years and reveal what listeners have to look forward to in 2016.

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