Podcast – The Woof Meow Show – Listener Questions No.-21

19MAR16-Listener Questions No 21 400x400In this week’s show Don and Kate address questions listeners have submitted through or question contest on The Woof Meow Show FaceBook page. Questions we cover include;

1) What is the best type of bowl to use for feeding a puppy, are the bowls that sit high better for some breeds,

2) A friend adopted a dog that has separation anxiety and it’s not getting better, what should he do?,

3) What is a good grooming tool for a Yorkie?,

4) My GSD puppy chases my cats and they’re not happy about it. How should I handle this?,

5) How can I reduce the shedding from my pets?,

6) What suggestions would you have for an aging lab mix with obvious hip/leg discomfort?,

7) I have a 3 year old Lab/Pyrenees mix who is not fond of the bathtub. Do you have any suggestions for winter weather “freshening up” that wont leave me in a puddle on the bathroom floor and him wet and stinky racing through the house?,

8) We have two rescue dogs. They have grown to love us, though the one is still very leery of sudden moves. Is there a remedy for that besides love?,

9) Is it OK to feed ” people food” to your dog?,

10) Is it necessary for animals to have rabies shots if they are strictly an inside animal?,

11) How do I get my cat to stop scratching the door jams in my house?,

12) What is the one item you wish every dog owner knew about and should have? and

13) How can I work with my 3 year old PomChi to help him relax and be less of a bully towards other dogs we meet?

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Canine Behavior – Dog to Dog Interactions

Not all dogs enjoy interactions with other dogs. Whether you and your dog are at the dog park, a fundraising walk with other dogs, or just with other friend’s dogs, your dog may be afraid and may prefer to be somewhere else. Unfortunately, not everyone can readily read the signals that their dog uses to say “Help! I’m afraid, can we please go home?” These new posters created by the International Association of Animal Behavior Consultants (IAABC) will help dog lovers look out for their dogs.

iaabc-dogpark-Is Your Dog Scared

iaabc-dogpark-Is Your Dog Scared-2

Just as some dogs do not like the dog park because they get picked on, some dogs bully other dogs at the dog park. If you have a dog that is being pushy, you should intervene immediately. These images will show you what to look for and what to do.

iaabc-dogpark-Is Your Dog Pushy

iaabc-dogpark-Is Your Dog Pushy-2

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