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In this episode of The Woof Meow Show on June 17th, 2017, Kate and Don chat with Karen Shanahan and Matt Munzer from Pets Global, the company that developed Zignature dog food. Zignature is a line of limited ingredient, low glycemic foods ideal for dogs suffering from food allergies and tolerances or those that are overweight.

Topics covered include:

  • The origins of Zignature dog food.
  • Limited ingredient diets and why they are essential for many dogs that are allergic or intolerant to certain food ingredients, like chicken.
  • The premise behind Zignature – foods free of chicken, as well as grains and potato. These ingredients can cause allergies, yeast infections, and weight problems in many dogs.
  • Why meat is the first two ingredients in all Zignature foods which provide more protein and increased palatability.
  • Ingredients and Zignature’s commitment to sourcing what goes in their food from its most natural source. The non-meat ingredients used by Zignature vary from formula to formula. These ingredients include peas, chickpeas, sunflower oil, flaxseed, alfalfa meal, blueberries, carrots, and cranberries. We discuss how these ingredients are processed to ensure optimal bioavailability.
  • Why Zignature uses no chicken at all. Chicken is not used as a protein source nor as a source of fat. Chicken is not inherently a bad ingredient but is has been used extensively in pet food for decades and hence, some dogs have grown intolerant to it. Also, Zignature believes in truth in advertising. There are other pet foods that might be labeled as being “duck” or “venison, ” but they also include chicken.
  • Why Zignature is free of potatoes, tapioca, and grains. These ingredients often contribute to yeast (Candida) outbreaks in dogs, which can cause ear and skin issues.
  • Why sourcing of ingredients is important to Zignature. The quality of the ingredients determines the quality of the food. Some ingredients used in Zignature come from outside the USA because the USA is not always the best source for high-quality For a list of the benefits of the ingredients used in Zignature dog food, go to – http://zignature.com/?page_id=624&lang=en
  • Why Zignature does extensive testing on ingredients both before they are used and after the manufacture of the Zignature product. Testing is completed internally and by an outside independent laboratory before any product is shipped. They test to make sure the food contains the ingredients that it is supposed to contain, in the proper amounts, and that the food is not adulterated with any unacceptable ingredients.
  • Where Zignature’s dry formula food is manufactured. Zignature has contracted with Tuffy’s, the company behind NutriSource, PureVita and Natural Planet to manufacture their dry dog food. Tuffy’s is a family owned company in Minnesota that Green Acres knows and trusts.
  • Where Zignature’s canned formulas are manufactured. Zignature’s canned products are mad by Performance Pet, a certified organic facility located in South Dakota.
  • The importance of the Glycemic Index when selecting pet food ingredients. All food items consumed are broken down in the body. Carbohydrates are converted into fats and sugars. Foods higher on the glycemic index contain more sugar. Too many dogs are obese, and the incidence of diabetes in dogs is on the rise. Zignature selects ingredients that are lower on the Glycemic index, like peas and chickpeas. This helps combat obesity, diabetes, as well as the overproduction of yeast (Candida) which is responsible for ear and skin conditions and itchiness. Ingredients (white potato, brown rice, tapioca) used by many other companies are much higher on the glycemic index. This allows Zignature to be certified as a low glycemic dog food, which makes it an excellent choice for dogs that are overweight or diabetic.
  • Zignature’s novel approach to fiber content. Zignature products have higher amounts of fiber than many other dog foods, approximately 4.5 % to 6.5% fiber, on average, as compared to 4% in other foods. Zignature uses higher quality sources of fiber (alfalfa meal and flaxseed), as opposed to some food companies that use powdered cellulose (sawdust) or peanut hulls. The fiber in Zignature is beneficial for anal glands and acts like a fishermen’s net, clearing the colon of non-digested material, which keeps it out of the blood stream.
  • Zignature’s many adult formulas; Catfish, Duck, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Salmon, Trout & Salmon, Whitefish, and Venison and how they make it easy for you to rotate your dog’s


  • The benefits of Kangaroo as a protein source.
  • Zignature’s canned foods and why they are gum-free. Zignature uses no carrageenan, guar gum, xanthan gum, or locust bean gum in their canned foods. These food additives, often used in canned pet food, can contribute to inflammation and irritable bowel disease.

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