Podcast – Going to the Dog Park – Is It A Good Idea for You and Your Dog?

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In this episode of The Woof Meow Show from April 6th, 2019, Don and Kate discuss how dog parks can be a great outlet for many dogs, but how they can also create behavioral problems for some dogs. They are not always a good choice for dogs, especially dogs that are in any way reactive towards people or other dogs. Kate and Don also discuss the characteristics that make a dog likely to enjoy the dog park experience as well as temperament traits that indicate a dog should avoid the dog park. The show is a companion to Don’s article in the April edition of the Downeast Dog News and on his blog, Words-Woofs-Meows.com [ FMIhttp://bit.ly/GoingToTheDogPark ]. The show is also a preview to two presentations Don will be giving on dog parks in May of 2019, that will provide attendees with information that will help them make their trip to the dog park fun for both them and their dog. You can find details on these presentations at http://bit.ly/Blog-UpcomingEvents

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