Podcast – Pet Dental Care with Dr. Dave Cloutier from Veazie Veterinary Clinic

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In this episode of The Woof Meow Show from February 17th, 2018  Don has a conversation with Dr. Dave Cloutier of the Veazie Veterinary Clinic in which they discuss: how dental disease affects our pets and why we need to be concerned, what a veterinarian does when they perform a dental exam and cleaning, typical dental problems of cats and dogs – they are different, home dental care for dogs and cats, and lastly we discuss specialty dental procedures like root canals. Your pet’s teeth matter so; please take care of them.

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To Contact Dr. Cloutier

Dr. David Cloutier
Veazie Veterinary Clinic
1522 State Street, Veazie, ME 00401-7014

(207) 941-8840




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