Podcast – The Importance of Training Your Dog and 2018 Classes at Green Acres

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Kate and Don address the questions; Why is training a dog so important, What will one typically learn in a dog training class, Why the methods used to train dogs are so important, What one should look for in a dog training instructor, and the dog training offerings scheduled for Green Acres Kennel Shop in 2018. If you have a new dog, or an older dog, you will want to tune into this show so that you can how to ensure you and your dog become and remain best friends for life.

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How to choose a dog trainerKate, and Don discuss what to look for when choosing a dog trainer and dog training class, as well as what to avoid. Dog training and recommended approaches to training a dog have changed dramatically as we have learned more about canines. As a result, we now know that some long-standing methods used to train a dog in the past, are in fact detrimental and can cause serious, long-term harm to your dog. Learn what to look for so that you and your dog have the best experience possible.


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