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At least 80% of dogs and 60% of cats have gingivitis, periodontitis, or tooth decay. Wysong’s DentaTreat™ can assist you in maintaining your pet’s oral health, so they avoid these diseases while preventing you from having to pay to have your pet’s teeth cleaned by your veterinarian.

Researchers have found that cooked starches, a significant component of processed, dry pet foods like kibble, are a major contributor to oral health problems in our pets. Cooked starches remain in the mouth longer, creating a sticky mouth residue which bacteria feed upon, and can cause tartar and plaque buildup.

Wysong DentaTreat uses the beneficial properties of cheeses, probiotics, minerals and other natural ingredients to maintain your pet’s oral health. The cheeses used in DentaTreat have unique properties which help prevent tooth decay and help neutralize the tooth destroying acids found in plaque. Made entirely of safe, natural foods, DentaTreat has no artificial colorings or flavors. DentaTreat can be fed on a daily basis by sprinkling it atop your pet’s food.

Paula and I have been using DentaTreat™ with our pets for several years. We will be the first to admit that we are not very diligent about brushing our pets’ teeth. It is a difficult habitat to establish and so easy to break. That is what makes DentaTreat perfect for people like us – you just sprinkle it on your pet’s food at every meal and, voila! The dental-active natural cheeses, minerals, and apple polyphenols in DentaTreat go to work, keeping your pet’s mouth clean and healthy. Yes, we know, that sounds way too good to be true, but the fact is when we use DentaTreat with the fur kids it has significantly reduced our need for cleanings at the veterinarians.

We started using DentaTreat way back in December of 2000 when our Golden Tikken was three. At most, Tikken only required three dental cleanings by her veterinarian during her sixteen years of life. Our current dog Muppy is five and a half and has had DentaTreat since the day we brought her home. She has never required a dental at the vets. DentaTreat works which is why we continue to use it seventeen years later. If you find brushing your pet’s teeth a challenge you should consider using Wysong DentaTreat™ as an economical and easy alternative.

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