PET FOOD RECALL- Wellness Pet Food Voluntarily Recalls Various Canned Cat Food Products

According to the Wellness website ( Wellness is voluntarily recalling the following 12.5oz cans of Wellness canned cat food in the following recipes with the following Best by Dates;


  • Beef & Chicken, 8/5/19
  • Beef & Salmon, 8/5/19
  • Chicken, 8/3/19 & 8/4/19
  • Chicken & Herring, 8/4/19
  • Chicken & Lobster, 8/4/19
  • Turkey, 8/4/19 & 8/5/19
  • Turkey & Salmon, 8/4/19 & 8/5/19

No problems have been reported or noticed in the foods listed above. However, the quality department at Wellness has become aware that a foreign material has been discovered in a non-Wellness product that is manufactured in the same plant. As a result, they have taken this proactive steps to ensure the well-being of cats who are fed this food.

We sell Wellness and the above formulas at Green Acres Kennel Shop and have found no product that matches the recipe and best by dates that are being recalled. We appreciate that Wellness is being proactive. We are in the process of contacting clients who have recently purchased this food.

For more information on the recall of these products, please check the Wellness website at (