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Green Acres Kennel Shop is pleased to offer Zignature Dog Foods; nutrition formulated with limited ingredients.

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You might want to consider Zignature if:

  • Your dog has allergy issues like skin sensitivity, itchiness, and stinky ears
  • Your dog is overweight
  • Your dog is diabetic
  • Your dog has the scoots and needs more fiber
  • You want to be able to be able to easily rotate your dog’s diet among various protein’s
  • You want a dog food with a frequent buyer program
  • You want to feed your dog both dry and canned food
  • You are currently feeding; California Natural, Canidae Pure, Natural Balance, or Merrick Limited Ingredient dog food

Allergy Issues – What Makes Zignature Different

Food allergies or intolerances are a serious problem with some dogs and are usually triggered by the protein source. Zignature does not use chicken in any form (chicken, chicken meal, chicken fat, or eggs), in any of its diets because consumers are concerned that dogs are becoming allergic to chicken due to the overuse of chicken in dog foods. It is a fact that chicken has been the predominant protein and fat source used in dog foods for many years. Another reason Zignature refuses to use chicken is the reality that most of the chicken that ends up in dog food comes from large commercial farms where the chickens are raised using significant amounts of antibiotics and hormones. By avoiding the use of chicken, Zignature is protecting your dog from overexposure to antibiotics and hormones.

Dogs with allergy or food intolerance issues need a limited ingredient diet, in fact, the fewer ingredients in their food, the better it is for them. With Zignature, the first two ingredients are ALWAYS protein: animal protein from a single source backed by the same protein in the form of a meal. Zignature offers a wide variety of protein sources; Catfish, Duck, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Salmon, Trout, Turkey, Venison, and Whitefish.

Weight Management – What Makes Zignature Different

Like humans, dogs have a weight problem. Approximately 50% of all dogs are overweight, and about 1 out of 500 dogs are affected with Diabetes.

Zignature is one of the only grain free dog foods that does not use high caloric carbohydrates with a high glycemic index in their foods. You will not find potato, tapioca, corn, or wheat in any Zignature formula. Instead, Zignature uses low glycemic legumes such as whole Chickpeas which promote stable blood sugar and provide valuable dietary fiber. This means that Zignature diets have a low glycemic index, making them an ideal choice for dogs that are overweight or that have been diagnosed with diabetes.

Zignature formulas are one of the few dog foods that have been certified by the Glycemic Research Institute as being a “Certified Low Glycemic Canine Food.” The Glycemic Rating for several Zignature formulas is noted below.

Formula Glycemic Rating
Zignature Turkey 9.8
Zignature Lamb 10.4
Zignature Trout 10.6
Zignature Kangaroo 11.9
Zignature Duck 12.0
Zignature Whitefish 12.1
Zignature Zssential 12.5

Zignature uses Garden Peas and Chickpeas/Garbanzo Beans as Low Glycemic binders in their dry food formulas. The advantages of those ingredients are noted below.

Garden Peas (15 on the Glycemic Index)

Peas are a great source of Vitamins B, C, and A, fiber, and vitamin K. Peas are one of the few plants that can use nitrogen from the air which helps to reduce the amount of chemical fertilizers used by farmers.

Chickpea or Garbanzo Beans (33 on the Glycemic Index)

Chickpeas are a grain-free, gluten-free starch source. This nutritious ingredient is made from a leguminous plant – Garbanzos – Chickpeas contain vitamin C, A, E, D and K, riboflavin, niacin. pantothenic acid and B vitamins.

Itchiness – What Makes Zignature Different

Many dogs do not itch because of allergies but because of yeast infections. Symptoms of excess yeast can include; ear infections, skin infections, paw irritability, and odor. A contributing factor to Candida yeast infections is the high carbohydrate content of dry dog foods. Potato, Tapioca, and Gluten are all high in sugar, a food source for the yeast infecting your dog. Zignature uses carbohydrates like Garden Peas and Chickpeas which have a low glycemic index, which means they contain less sugar to feed the yeast.

Protein Sources and Levels – What Makes Zignature Different

Your dog is a carnivore, and that means they need and benefit from high-quality protein in their diet. Zignature has a higher percentage of meat protein than many other dog foods.

Formula Percent Protein
Catfish 32%
Duck 27%
Kangaroo 26%
Lamb 28%
Pork 31%
Salmon 29%
Trout 30%
Turkey 31%
Venison 27%
Whitefish 29%
Zssential 32%

Ingredients – What Makes Zignature Different

  • Zignature is one of the only grain free dog foods without potato, tapioca, chicken, chicken fat, or eggs.
  • The first two ingredients in every Zignature formula are ALWAYS protein: animal protein backed by the same protein source as a meal
  • All dry kibbles need to use non-protein and fat sources to bind their food. Zignature uses peas, chickpeas, alfalfa mean, blueberries, carrots, cranberries and flax seed to bind their kibble.
  • Antioxidant-rich fruits & vegetables:
    • Cranberries: Powerful antioxidants, natural acidic properties that may support urinary tract health.
    • Blueberries: “Super foods for Dogs” Dogs with blueberries in their diet have been known to have lower fat cholesterol and triglycerides.
    • Carrots: A great source of necessary vitamins, minerals, and carotenoids to help support immune and digestive health. May also support proper skin and eye health.
  • Flax Seed: Contains higher levels of alpha-linolenic acid (ALA) than fish oil, and contains omega-6 fatty acids. Flax seed oil has been used for years to maintain a healthy skin and coat in pets.
  • Alfalfa: One of the richest mineral foods on earth, promotes proper digestion and fresh breath.
  • Sunflower oil: This oil is exceptionally high in Linolenic an omega-3 fatty acid and helps dry skin and promotes a healthy coat.

Fiber and the “scoots” – What Makes Zignature Different

Zignature is higher in fiber, 4.5% to 6.5%, depending on the formula, than most dog foods. The increased level of fiber makes for healthier anal glands, and more importantly, a higher fiber percentage helps to clean out the colon, reduce toxins and helps keep our dogs regular. Zignature uses higher quality sources of fiber (alfalfa meal and flaxseed), as opposed to some food companies that use powdered cellulose (sawdust) or peanut hulls.

Physiologically Tuned™ Diet – What Makes Zignature Different

Zignature describes their food as being Physiologically Tuned™. What that means is this; meat or fish is always the first ingredient, and they do not use troublesome staples such as Chicken, Corn, Wheat, Soy, and Potatoes. “The result is optimal hypo-allergenic, low glycemic nutrition. We build on this natural foundation by adding vital supplements such as antioxidants, essential fatty acids and a complete spectrum of vitamins and minerals for holistic pet food that goes beyond nature to become your pet’s signature food for life.”

Dietary Rotation – What Makes Zignature Different

Green Acres has been discussing the benefits of rotating your dog’s food for many years. Quite simply, if you have a healthy dog and change protein sources on a regular basis, your dog is less likely to become sensitized to a protein and develop a food intolerance. Zignature makes dietary rotation easy with their vast selection of protein sources; Catfish, Duck, Kangaroo, Lamb, Pork, Salmon, Trout, Turkey, Venison, and Whitefish.

Canned Food – What Makes Zignature Different

If you wish to feed your dog canned food or canned food plus dry food, Zignature has a matching canned formula. Zignature canned foods never use any gums (Carrageenan, Guar Gum, Locust Bean Gum) in their canned formulas. These gums can contribute to inflammation and irritable bowel disease.

Frequent Buyer Program – What Makes Zignature Different

Green Acres Kennel Shop is pleased to offer a frequent buyer program for Zignature. We keep track of your purchases in the store, and when you have purchased twelve bags of Zignature, you will qualify for a free bag.

What Users of Zignature are saying on Facebook

John Steph Real

LOVE your food! These are photos of Myles’ transformation on your diet. Now my other five dogs are on your food and I am seeing results as well! Look at it in a large format,you can see the reduction of staining in 4 months!

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