Paragon Pet Suing Mars Over Mars Claim for Greenies “#1 Vet Recommended Dental Chew”

GreeniesThe Mars Candy company, owner of Greenies® as well as the Banfield Pet Hospitals®, California Natural®, Catsan®, Cesar®, Chappi®, Dreamies®, Eukanuba®, Evo®, Frolic®, IAMS®, Innova®, KiteKate®, Nutro®, Pedigree®, Perfect Fit®. Royal Canin®, Sheba®, The Goodlife Recipe®, Whiskas®, Temptations®, and Wisdom Panel® pet brands, is being sued by Paragon Pet Products who owns the Whimzee brand of dental chews. Specifically, Mars Candy BarsParagon has asked for an injunction that would forbid Mars from making the claim that Greenies is the “#1 Vet Recommended Dental Chew” until they can prove that claim. If the claim is false, Paragon is asking that Mars be forced to offer refunds to consumers that were deceived by the allegedly false and misleading advertising statements.


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