Help! My Pet Gets Car Sick and/or Nauseous

None of us, including our pets, have a good time when they get nauseous and vomit. Car travel can be especially difficult. As I learned with my Golden Retriever Tikken, pets can be very nauseous and not vomit. Tikken did not vomit in the car but drooled so excessively that the fur on her chest was soaked after even a short ride. It got to the point where she felt so bad, one day she just refused to get within twenty feet of the car. Fortunately, Tikken’s car sickness resolved by letting her ride in the back seat instead of the crate, but for others, it is more difficult.

When asked by clients for advice on car sickness, my standard recommendation has always been the spice/herb ginger. An easy way to administer it is to get some ginger snap cookies, just make sure that they contain real ginger. However, ginger is not the only alternative. Dr. Karen Becker has outlined several remedies to consider if your pet becomes nauseous in this blog post –