SHARED POST – Family Paws Parent Education – Being Dog Aware – ALWAYS!

This educational post from my friends at Family Paws Parent Education on their Facebook page Dog And Baby Connection illustrates the importance of ALWAYS being aware of a dogs body language and how quickly it can change as the dog get stressed as the child gets closer.

Changes in proximity are absolutely fascinating. So often, the dog is relaxed or engaged in something and comfortable with your baby hanging around nearby, but everything can change when that gap is closed. We always say “Invites decrease bites” for good reason! Inviting a dog to approach you is very different from having the child approach the dog or close that gap. Notice the changes in this dog’s body language as the little boy approaches his mom. And how common is this scenario? It happens All. The. Time. Dog hanging out with trusted adult, child approaches adult. It’s up to us as Dog Aware adults to recognize these changes in the dog and make adjustments to the situation as needed to ensure the safety and comfortability of all.”