UPDATE! – Pet Nutrition – Grain-Free Foods and FDA Reports of Increased Heart Disease in Dogs – WDJ Blog Post

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On July 22nd we informed you of a report issued by the FDA indicating an increase of dogs presenting with canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) and a possible but unconfirmed link to specific ingredients in grain-free foods < click to review >.

On August 2tnd Nancy Kerns, the editor of the Whole Dog Journal (WDJ) published an article entitled “Please Don’t Panic About the “Grain-Free Thing” on the WDJ Blog. The title says it all and could not be a better assessment of how to treat this issue. Sadly, minutes after I read Kerns post, I watched a story NBC aired a story on their national news broadcast that did not present all the facts and is likely to create unnecessary alarm. As Kern’s suggests “…take a breath.” Read her post, and you will be better informed on this issue than the media in general.

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Podcast – Is Feeding A Grain-Free Food to Our Dogs Dangerous?, with Linda Case, MS – http://bit.ly/Podcast-FDA-Grain-Free-LindaCase-29SEP18

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