Shared Blog Post – Pet Obesity Rises for 7th Straight Year, and It’s Costly

An article in the January 3rd issue of Pets+ ( ) reports that cases of pet obesity have risen for the seventh straight year according to data from Nationwide, a pet insurance provider. Twenty percent of the 1.4 million pet insurance claims filed with Nationwide in 2016 were for conditions and diseases directly related to obesity, amounting to more than $62 million in veterinary expenses. According to Nationwide, the top 10 dog and cat obesity-related conditions are:

Most Common Dog
Obesity-Related Conditions
Most Common Cat
Obesity-Related Conditions
1.      Arthritis 1.      Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease
2.      Bladder/Urinary Tract Disease 2.      Chronic Kidney Disease
3.      Liver Disease 3.      Diabetes
4.      Low Thyroid Hormone 4.      Asthma
5.      Torn Knee Ligaments 5.      Liver Disease
6.      Diabetes 6.      Arthritis
7.      Disease Disc in the Spine 7.      High Blood Pressure
8.      Chronic Kidney Disease 8.      Heart Failure
9.      Heart Failure 9.      Gall Bladder Disorder
10.  High Blood Pressure 10.  Immobility of Spine


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