Our Pets – In Memory of Crystal

Crystal joined our family in May of 1998. She was a cute little, ten-yearold Pekingese, in need of a home because her former owner was in poor health and no longer able to give Crystal the care she needed. Paula took her under her wing and introduced her to the rest of our rambunctious pack. Crystal held her own with the others and never failed to amuse us with some of her silly antics. In 2002 Crystals’s health began to decline. She could no longer see well and making her body do what her mind wanted was more and more difficult. During May she chose to spend more and more time in her crate and seemed to have lost her spark. On May 31st, 2002 we took her in for her annual physical and made that very difficult decision to help her across the rainbow bridge to be with her old buddy Beau.

Crystal, we will never forget that big dog attitude in that little body, your ability to steal toys from the other dogs and your Lab like appetite. Most memorable was the way you would fall backward with each bark, as you tried to tell Tikken she had no right to be in the backyard unsupervised. Take care and thanks!

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