Podcast – Holistic and Complementary Wellness for Pets – Nutrition and Raw Food for Pets with Bette Schubert from Bravo Pet Foods

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01oct16-holistic-and-complementary-wellness-for-pets-nutrition-and-raw-food-for-pets-with-bette-schubert-from-bravo-pet-foods-400x400This is the second in a series of shows on Holistic and Complementary Wellness for Pets. In this show Kate and Don talk with Bette Schubert from Bravo Pet Foods. Bette tells how having her dog die after being fed a high-quality dog kibble contaminated with aflatoxin led her to teach herself about feeding a raw diet and starting Bravo Pet Foods. She discusses both the benefits and obstacles of feeding pets a raw diet and shares her experiences with pets that have benefited greatly from feeding a raw diet. Kate and Don also share their experiences feeding their pets a raw diet.

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