Podcast – Raw Diets and the Carnivore Meat Company-Vital Essentials-Dee Ferranti and Jodi Langellotti

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Kate discusses raw pet food diets; frozen and freeze-dried, with Dee Ferranti of the Carnivore Meat Company, maker of Vital Essentials Pet Food, and Jodi Langellotti, from pet food distributor, Pet Food Experts.

16APR16-Raw Diets and Vital Essentials 400x400If your pet has health issues that may be related to nutrition (food allergies, digestive difficulties, obesity, chronically underweight, diabetes, kidney disease) or if you just want to learn more about pet nutrition and how you can do the best for your pets nutrition and your wallet, you will not want to miss this show.

Key discussion points include: the benefits and objections to feeding pets a raw diet, food safety issues and why feeding a commercial raw diet for your pet may be safer than feeding yourself or your pet from what you buy from the meat department at the supermarket, the economics of feeding raw and how combining raw food with kibble can benefit your budget and your pets health, why raw food is a healthier and more nutritious choice, the differences between VE_Logo_Primary_webfrozen raw and freeze-dried raw diets, how to transition a pet to a raw diet, the history of the Carnivore Meat Company, how Vital Essentials sources its ingredients to ensure quality, and the numerous products in the Vital Essentials line.


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