PODCAST – Maine’s Puppy Lemon Law and Your Rights As A Consumer

17OCT15-Maines_Puppy_Lemon_Law 400x400In this weekend’s episode of The Woof Meow Show Kate and Don interview attorney Christina Perkins about Maine’s puppy lemon law and your rights as a consumer when you purchase a pet.

While getting a new pet usually goes very well, occasionally people have a bad experience when purchasing a new pet. This can happen when getting a pet from a pet store, a breeder, and even when getting a pet from a shelter or rescue. In this show, we address consumer’s legal alternatives when things do not go as you wanted.

Listen to the show by clicking here: http://traffic.libsyn.com/woofmeowshow/WoofMeowShow-2015-03-14-Maines_Puppy_Lemon_Law_Consumer_Rights_When_You_Purchase_Pet.mp3

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