URGENT! – Health Alert – Canine Cough in the Community

Pet Health AlertThere is a strain of canine cough in the community. We’ve talked to veterinarians in the area and they have seen canine cough with several dogs that have been at several kennels in the area. It has also been observed in dogs that have not been at any kennel, at least recently, and as reported, these dogs have not been around other dogs. Canine cough has been seen in several dogs that were current on their Bordetella vaccine which suggests that the vaccination does not offer immunity to this particular strain. While the number of dogs that have shown symptoms and/or have been diagnosed is small compared to those that are symptom and disease free, we want to be sure that you are aware of the situation.

Canine cough or kennel cough is actually a lay term for Canine Infectious Respiratory Disease Complex (CIRDC). It is highly contagious to other dogs, much like the common cold is with people. It can be transmitted through the air from one dog to the next or by contact with contaminated objects such as a common water dish at the dog park or in front of a dog-friendly store. It is not normally serious, but if you see symptoms in your dog (coughing, gagging, vomiting, or general lethargy) I would recommend that you call your veterinarian.

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