Pet Food Recall – Update on Bravo Recall of 23JUL15

As a retailer of Bravo Pet Foods, today Bravo notified us of additional safety protocols they are implementing for their raw diet products. They indicated that “While Bravo raw diets are manufactured and tested following the strictest FDA food safety guidelines, a recall of a Bravo item for any reason is unacceptable.”

Bravo is now subjecting all of their raw food products to high pressure pasteurization (HPP) in addition to their current safety protocols. HPP is not required by the FDA but “…is extra insurance to protect our products from the presence of common pathogens like salmonella, e-coli and listeria.” Bravo has indicated that HPP will have a slight effect on the texture of their products.

Green Acres Kennel Shop is pleased to see that Bravo Pet Foods continues to invest in the food safety technology to protect every pet owner that chooses to feed their pet a raw diet.


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