Shared Article – The Neutering Controversy Understanding Data on Hormones, Behavior, and Neoplasia

The decision of whether or not to spay or neuter a dog, and when to spay and neuter, was much simpler a few years ago. New research discussed in this article from Today’s Veterinary Practice outlines why this decision is no longer straightforward. The authors conclude “Unfortunately, there is no clear answer when deciding whether one should spay or neuter an individual dog.”

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Shared Facebook Post – Mighty Dog Graphics – Making sense of scents

Learn to Appreciate Your Dogs Nose!

Mighty Dog Graphics (  ) is located in Dublin, Ireland. They create some excellent educational posters for pet parents and pet care professionals. They have graciously allowed us to share some of these posters with you.

Spring has finally sprung, and in case you have not noticed, your dog is probably attracted to all of the new scents in the air. Rather than let your dog’s busy nose frustrate you, why not revel and rejoice in your dog’s amazing olfactory abilities.

Sniffing is essential to your dog’s very existence. Dogs use their nose to survive and for the pure joy of discovery. Not allowing your dog to use their nose, or getting upset when they stop to take a whiff while on your walk, is like someone preventing from you doing something you find essential in your life.

If you find your dog’s need to sniff slows you down on your walk, then leave your dog at home and walk for your enjoyment. However, remember that when you get back home, you owe the dog a walk that is solely focused on their needs. Let your dog sniff and explore. Your dog will be both mentally and physically stimulated and happy.

Please do NOT forbid the sniffing!

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Shared Article– Gail Fisher’s Dog Tracks: Small dogs at risk if ‘predatory drift’ kicks in

If you take your dog to a dog park, you need to read this article. If you take your dog to a doggie daycare, you need to read this article and make sure that those supervising your dog when it plays are aware of and understand ‘predatory drift.’

Predatory drift is when play becomes predatory behavior and possibly very dangerous. For more information on predatory drift, read this article by Gail Fisher in the New Hampshire Union Leader. Gail is a Certified Dog Behavior Consultant, author, and a pioneer in doggie daycare. She runs All Dogs Gym & Inn in Manchester, NH.

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Shared Article – Meet the dogs with OCD

Thanks to Facebook, I recently became aware of an article and podcast from June of 2017 entitled Meet the dogs with OCD by Shayla Love. It immediately attracted my attention because my dog Tikken displayed severe and debilitating OCD during part of her life < >. The author discusses how research into OCD in humans and CCD in dogs has helped in the search for treatment options for both people and dogs.

If you are interested in this topic, I encourage you to read the article or listen to the podcast at –

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Shared Article – Electric shock dog collars to be banned in Scotland

PLEASE SHARE: Excellent new from Scotland! Environment Secretary Roseanna Cunningham said causing pain to animals by “inappropriate training methods is clearly completely unacceptable”.